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George Abreau Sr. and his wife Candida settled in Taunton, MA in the early 20th century. They purchased their first home at 21 Wilbur Street and started a family business, Abreau Oil Service, Inc. George and his sons: Joseph, John, George Jr., and Tony would cut wood on Thrasher Street in Taunton, and deliver it to their customers with a horse and wagon. When kerosene became popular, for burning in stoves, they also delivered that, in cans.

In 1937, Abreau Oil Service, Inc. had an underground storage tank and pumping platform installed in order to have a supply of kerosene on-site so they could provide better service to their customers. Soon after his sons returned home from World War II, oil heating equipment was becoming popular for home heating, so they made the transition into this new technology.

The Abreau Oil Service, Inc., was run from their home. Their daughters, Gina and Mary did all the office work, including billing, waiting on customers and answering the phones days, nights and weekends. In 1955 a garage and office were built behind the home. Abreau Oil Service, Inc. continues to operate at it’s original location in Taunton, Massachusetts. Abreau Oil Service, Inc. continues to be a family business run by George‚Äôs grandson and great-grandson.

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