$3.15 / Gallon


150 Gallon Minimum
Price subject to change without notice.

Oil Delivery

Abreau Oil proudly serves the following towns in Massachusetts: Taunton, East Taunton, Berkley, Lakeville, Dighton, Raynham, Norton

Established in 1931

We pride ourselves on being a fourth generation family business that values our customers.

Repair Services

Our highly trained technicians are ready 24/7 for emergencies.

Oil Deliveries

Abreau Oil Service, Inc. determines your rate of oil usage with our degree-day system and set up an automatic delivery plan. You won’t have to check your oil gauge or worry about running out of oil.

Repair Services

Whether you are looking for emergency services and repairs or maintenance, Abreau Oil Service, Inc. technicians are the best trained and equipped to trouble shoot and fix the problems at hand, 24/7.

Installation and Removal

We pride ourselves on the fact that when you call us, we’ll send one of our very own servicemen. We have experienced and trained technicians that do complete installs or removal the proper way.

Satisfaction Guarantee

80+ Years Experience

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“When you deal with a family business you can expect to treated like family. Customer service and knowledge every time. Yes , if look hard enough you can always find a cheaper price and you get what you paid for. I pay for great service, on time delivery and if my family is ever in need I know I can count on Abreu Oil to be there and that’s what I pay for.” Kevin Wright

“I called for an oil delivery this morning. I misread the amount of oil I had, stressing all weekend I was going to run out. When I called this morning I explained what I did and asked if I could get my delivery asap. ABREAU DELIVERED MY OIL WITHIN AN HOUR OF CALLING!!!!! I am so grateful and appreciate their quick delivery. Thank you abreau oil for keeping my family warm on this snowy day!” Stacy Carter

“The folks at Abreau are AWESOME!! In the past year we have had to replace our oil tank AND our furnace (ugh), and these guys came through for us like champs. Our furnace died in February and they delivered and installed a brand new furnace THE NEXT DAY. Again, when we sold our home, the tank needed replacement and they set us up for an appointment three weeks out but they got everything in and installed within two (no guarantees that’ll always happen, but we sure appreciated it!). The installation people are friendly, informative and honest. They clearly love their job; they work hard, but still manage to have fun. When stressful things happen, these guys take away most of that stress. I cannot say enough good things about Abreau. Thanks guys – we love you!!” Melinda Guarino Edlund

Get A Free Estimate

One of our friendly and experienced technicians will come to your location to get an accurate estimate for your installation or repair.